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Healthy Solutions For A Happier You

Healthy Solutions
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All Members , Moderated
First and foremost, this is a support community!

Due to the nature of the posts that are in this community, only members are allowed to post here.

We have an *open membership* ...that means that the mods do not have to approve your request to be added. You just add the community to your friends list, and also click the "join community" button & you are all set. You also have the option to remove yourself at any time, without notification.

Also, our members (including the mods) do have lives outside of LiveJournal (shocking! lol), but one of us will check the profile page every day to see if anyone has added themselves to our membership list. Please be patient if we aren't able to acknowledge you right away. We try to do a post to acknowledge each new member no more than a couple of days after they have been added.

We are not your average *weight loss* community. We will not stress one form of weight loss over another, because the reality is that one type of healthy lifestyle is not for everyone. Whether you are a member of a gym, a member of Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, or just simply looking for ways to make your life a bit healthier on your own, we gladly welcome you to our community!

This community is for sharing ideas, venting, and offering support. Whatever you want to write about is fine; just keep in mind that people of all ages can join this community. Opinions are welcome ... *slamming* (put-downs) is NOT.

You can post anything you want; pictures, venting, offering ideas on how to live a healthier lifestyle, surgeries you may have had or are thinking about having, even keep an update on your goals.

Even if you have an eating disorder, we welcome you. Sometimes, it helps to know that there are people out there that won't judge you.

Please respect what others write about .... if they are upset, let them vent. If they are happy, let them celebrate. We do not tolerate put-downs. We understand that sometimes, a person can get so mad that they want to curse. That is acceptable, but keep in mind that cursing does offend some people so please post a warning if there are offensive words in your post.

All posts are to be made under the Friends Only lock if you feel uncomfortable, for the simple reason that we don't need "trolls" harassing any of our members. Also, if you see that your post is going to be fairly long and/or have a lot of pics, please use an lj-cut.

This is still a fairly new community...the *rules* are subject to change, but all members will be notified.

Your moderators,
Kerry and Dawn

and our guest/co-moderator dian_leben