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M-Drol Supplement Review

M-Drol is the generic name for the anabolic steroid Superdrol, which is a synthetic illegal substance that will show up on numerous drug tests and also could have the potential to do major bodily harm to people who don’t use it properly. Superdrol is characterized by the nomenclature 2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol which also appears on the M-Drol label. M-Drol is a straight copy of the original Superdrol product from anabolic xtreme.

Superdrol (also M-Drol) might sound like an easy way to gain fast muscle, but it is low quality muscle weight that you will lose. Many guys experience the effect of gaining 20lbs of muscle..Read More at androcycle.com


Just wishing everyone good luck and a happy new year. I will be checking to see if there are new members, I have been without a computer for quite some time and just got a new one so I'm catching up on things.



Moderator Note:

Just a quickie to welcome new members and a reminder to everyone, including myself, that there are now men joining, so any tips are okay, but lets start a hunt to find tips that suit everyone since even weightwatchers is female centric- trust me I looked. I guess the WW for men didn't take off as much as they thought because the link is gone!

Found on the internet:

I found this while surfing around and it seems quite helpful and not as bad as looking at a bmi index which can be wrong because of bone structure, muscle mass and the like. It's a basic metabolic rate calculator that gives you a ballpark estimate of how many calories to eat to maintain or lose weight.

Also found on the internet: An article that said independent labs showed that the weight watchers menu at Applebees Restaurant entrees have twice the amount of fat listed in the stats on the menu. Think before you munch! I was seriously pissed when I read this because I was spending MORE on the WW entrees there and getting the same amount of fat/calories a smaller portion of something a little more tasty would have given me!
Just out of curiosity ....

has anyone tried being on a vegetarian (pardon my spelling) or vegan eating plan?

I am seriously considering it, since meat just isn't agree with me anymore, but am concerned I won't get all of the protein and iron that I need.

Any thoughts, tips, links, etc will be greatly appreciated.


Low Calorie Snacks from Weight Watchers....

Here's the link- some are actually pretty good although I haven't tried the first yet because the mushroom noodles are kinda pricey.


Hope everyone is having a good week. I've been coping with an injured toe. (I won't go into the details, just that it's been hell and it involves my toenail!)

Feel free to post whatever you think about these snacks. I don't have any deli turkey... but those pickles are sounding mighty tasty right now and I do have those!!!!

Sites to check out....

I was wandering around the net because I'm unable to sleep this evening and found some sites that are somewhat inspirational, if not funny to read because of the opinions published.


Also check out Joy Nash on youtube. It gives a perspective on life from the overweight side, which I find refreshing after seeing all thinspiration everywhere.

In other news, I'm still working on weightwatchers, but it's been hard to stay on track. I will be trying to the rest of this week and starting over next week on my next weigh in. I'm kind of hovering right now in terms of my weight, it stays relatively stable within 3-4 pounds but I still need to lose another 20 pounds. Hope everyone is having a good start to summer and keep the posts coming so that we can have ideas coming in. I know it's been kind of slow, but let's kick things up and see what we can do!

One of my favorite beauty lessons

Since summer is just around the corner (well, it feels like it's already here in Alabama), I thought I would share some beauty tips that one of my favorite teachers taught me 15 years ago. The entry should be visible to everyone:


Wii Fit

I haven't had the time (or moolah, lol) to get the Wii Fit yet, even though it's been out for a couple of days now ...at least in the States.

Does anyone here have one? If so, how do you like it so far?

If you don't have one, are you planning to get one? Why or why not?

Me personally, I would like to get one to use on the days I can't make it to the gym (like weather issues). I have the Wii already, and it's a great way for my family to get together & have fun!

Just curious what everyone else thinks of the Wii Fit, even if you don't own one.

Until next time....


Happy May!

I hope that May has started off well for everyone! ((group hug)) ;-)

April was extremely hectic for me, but this month seems to be ok so far. I went to my general practitioner on Monday, and his nurse told me that I lost 7 pounds since the last time she weighed me. I was happy about that, but kind of surprised since I did a lot of 'stress eating' last month. Still, any success is good so have to think positive, right?

To anyone who has joined since the last time I posted ....WELCOME!!! :-D

Take care, and let us know what all is going on with you, if you don't mind sharing.

Until next time,